A round-up of reviews for Issue #8!

Although Issue #8 (Journeys End in Lovers Meeting) has only been out for three days we’ve already received a number of reviews for the issue, all of them positive!  Here is a sampling of them:

“This week’s issue features an awesome twist with Hamlet and Juliet that has me chomping at the bit for next issue in addition to more solid craftsmanship from all involved. You really should not miss this comic!”Weekly Crisis

“Kill Shakespeare” #8 introduced a big surprise on its last page after building up the romance of two literary protagonists and turning allies into enemies. Very interesting stuff here, and if you’re well versed in the characters, this is wonderful and vital material. Those less immersed in the Bard’s intrigues might find this less compelling.”The BuyPile

““Kill Shakespeare” is a smart comic that knows how to be fun, and vice versa. Here we get plenty of preparation for the coming troubles but our characters are given a last moment to breathe and enjoy the company of one another.”ComicBookResources

“This issue proves more than any seen so far that these characters actually could co-exist and interact and indeed that they SHOULD do so. In showing this type of interaction, I think this series has finally found its voice and I could not be happier with it. Plus, WHAT a cliffhanger!”Multiversity Comics

“I can’t stress enough how bad of an idea it is NOT to read this series.  It’s enticing and exciting, shining better than any other series in the world of comics.  The only series I would say meets Kill Shakespeare’s level of quality, it would be the Secret Six.”The Heretics Blog

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