Lovable Badass – Ian Herring!

Many of you probably have no idea that on the Kill Shakespeare team there are several passionate basketball fans (though we’re die-often being Raps fans). Perhaps the most passionate is our colourist Ian Herring.

Ian is an exceptional artist in his own right (fans have seen his work in the bonus gallery of the trade paperback — his is the awesome King Richard/Hamlet mash-up), and he was recently invited to be part of a phenomenal event organized by another Kill Shakespeare friend, Steve Manale.

The event, “Lovable Badass, Artists on Artest” was a multi-media ode to Ron Artest one of the most unusual and candid athletes of our generation.

Ron Artest, the "villain" from the "Malice at the Palace" as interpreted by our own Ian Herring!

Ian’s piece looks into the future; showing Artest relaxing during his post-playing days and eating his favourite cereal (Froot Loops). Apparently Ron-Ron is interested in buying Ian’s work — so huge kudos to one of the oft under-appreciated members of Kill Shakespeare.
We love ya Ian!

POSTSCRIPT: The event was a huge success — you can read one of the MANY pieces of coverage here. And to me, what was even more interesting is that many of the artists who took place had no idea who Ron Artest was before they were invited to join the project.

But “Tru Warrier” is such an interesting figure that after a few minutes of Googling him everybody wanted in. So, for those of you who are saying “Ron, who?” look him up, he’s fascinating. OR for a primer check out Manale’s work here. (it’s the last of 23 photos from the event, so scroll left to see the rest).

And the sharp eyed readers will notice another member of the Kill Shakespeare team featured in one of those links. I offer as a bounty  a signed copy of #8 for the first person who tells us who it is, and what they made for the exhibition!

Keep taking those open jumpers everyone!

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