Final quarter-final matchup: FALSTAFF vs. BEAR!

Well, yesterday’s contest wasn’t really that close.  The melancholy Dane Hamlet faced off against the mischievous Puck and… Puck ran away with the public’s vote!  Some of the great replies we received were:

ShakespeareGeek (Twitter): “Puck. Unless Puck poisons Gertrude first, in which case, Hamlet. :)

girlsreadcomics (Twitter): “Fortinbras wins by showing up at the end when everyone else is dead.”

Kimberly Howe (Facebook): “Hamlet would be whining and crying in a corner about how his life is so unfair. Puck would have no problem wiping the floor with him and laughing about it later, possibly with Hamlet’s girl.”

Puck now gets ready to battle the winner of today’s match-up in the semi-finals… Falstaff vs. The Bear (from Winter’s Tale)!  Two fan favourites clashing together for the day!  Vote here, on Facebook, or Twitter!


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