Issue #8 Artwork Samples

Issue #8 (Journeys End in Lover Meetings) cranks up the momentum of our story and features some great artwork by Andy Belanger and colours by Ian Herring.  The description of the Issue is:

As word of the Prodigals’ victory spreads a rebel army masses in Shrewsbury. Against this backdrop Othello and Iago cross swords, Richard and Lady Macbeth lock horns and Hamlet and Juliet’s love blossoms. But will the Dane live long enough to enjoy Cupid’s fruit?  Not if a ghost from Juliet’s past has anything to say about it.

Check out the art (click on the image for the hi-res image):

Page 1 - As villagers swarm to join the Prodigals, Hamlet is approached by two young boys

Page 5 - As Othello and Iago spar, Othello recounts his past

Page 8 - Lady Macbeth secretly meets with the head of Black Guard army, Philip the Bastard

Page 21 - Richard prepares the Black Guard for war!

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