Sneek Peak at some art from Issue #8

With issue #8 now less than a week away we thought some of you might like to see a little snippet of what is in store.

So without further ado a quick look “behind the curtain” of what is in store for you in Issue #8!

The first page of Issue #8 - as penciled by the uber talented Andy B.

And now he adds the inks...

So first we’ll give you a little look at how the process for issue #8 unfolded.

On the left we have the pencils for the first page of the issue. You can see here that Andy will add more shading to some elements of the page right from the get go.

On the right we have the inks. Here you can see how a lot of what is penciled ends up actually being shadows (the group of refugees at the back of the panel).

And then below… we see what it looks like in all of its coloured and inked glory!

And here is how the final page turned out! Beauty, eh?

So here is the beginning of Page 5 -- even in the pencil stage you can see how the two "worlds" are going to be distinct.

More beautiful inks from Mr. Belanger - the Desdemona/Othello scene is heartbreaking to me.

On Page 5 we were in the middle of something very different. We wanted to juxtapose Othello’s past with Iago with his current relationship. We also wanted to set the stage for Othello to do some soul-searching about his erstwhile commrade-at-arms as well as his own role in the death of his love Desdemona.

But Anthony really wanted to avoid using any dialogue in the flashbacks? So how could we make what was happening clear?

It took canny panel design by Andy to make the past scenes “pop” subtly (after issue #7 we wanted to tone down some of the visual work – to give this issue its own identity), and GREAT colour design by Andy and our colourist Ian Herring (who rarely gets enough credit for his work in the book).

You can judge for yourself how well we did. Even without text you can tell which story is which (present and past) and what is happening in each story as well. A really masterful job is done by our art team and we are lucky to have them. The neat thing is while this is a variation of a theme (we did a similar flashback in issue #1 and again in issue #7) this manages to be wholly its own animal. This allows each issue to really have its own personality.

You can see how the colour work ties between worlds, but also is somewhat united between the worlds.

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