Round 2: HAMLET vs. PUCK!

Yesterday’s battle between Juliet and Prospero was a rocking occasion, with some great anecdotes and scenarios.  Among them were:

Paul Gomez (Facebook): “Juliet, because she is a wraith, due to her being dead, and a suicide at that. Wraiths are hard to kill, even if you break your staff and drown your book to work your end upon their senses. I bet the duke would put up a hell of a fight, he’s a contender, but the end money is on Jay. Bring it!”.

ShakespeareGeek (Twitter): “Yeah, I’m gonna go Prospero too. Kind of an unfair matchup… OR, Juliet feigns death, Prospero thinks he’s won, breaks his staff and drowns his book, Juliet stabs him.”

And the final winner was… Prospero!  He advances to the semi-finals to take on Richard III!

And up for today… A clash of two of the Bard’s most famous and favourite characters – Hamlet and Puck!  Vote for who you think should/would win a battle between the two here on the site, over email, Twitter or Facebook!

Hamlet Puck

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