Dear University Students: forget studying — curl up with a good graphic novel

A couple of weeks ago Anthony and I were interviewed by The Cord, our Alma mater’s student newspaper. It was a great chat and we were able to speak to how much our education at Wilfrid Laurier University served us in this project.

Well, now we have gone viral in the student world as the Canadian University Press (the only student press co-op on the continent) has picked up the story.

Had Conor known how far this picture would travel he may have rethought that expression...

So to all of you students busily studying in your dorm-rooms, or perhaps preparing for an “ironic” toga-party (as if – we all know that all toga parties are free of irony), we hope you take a minute or two to enjoy something with REAL educational value.

And hey, maybe your English prof will dig it too…

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