Who is your favourite Shakespeare character?

Announced last week, we will be running a SHAKESPEAREAN DEADLIEST WARRIOR beginning later this week which will pit some of the Bard’s top characters in a tournament to figure out who is the most popular.  Voting will be done by our fans and followers on this website, Twitter and Facebook.

We have already placed HAMLET, JULIET, OTHELLO, LADY MACBETH, IAGO, RICHARD III, FALSTAFF, PUCK, DON JOHN and TAMORA into the contest.  There are six (6) other slots open so we’d like YOU to suggest who should be included. Thus far we’ve received opinions such as Coriolanus, Prospero, Beatrice and/or Benedick, and the bear from Midwinter’s Tale(…).  Please leave a comment with your suggestion here or on our other social media sites and check in with us on Wednesday as everything begins!

  1. Celine Lorna Celine Lorna
    Celine Lorna replied on November 29, 2010 at 11:17 pm

    I think you should add Mercutio, Laertes, or Benedick. They’re my personal favs (but no one elses, save for Ben), and I’d really like to see one of them at least on the list. They arn’t really heros, but, you know, they’re pretty great. And Mercutio is hysterical. :D

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