CommandN loves them some Kill Shakespeare AND Hal-Con

As many of you have read Kill Shakespeare had a GREAT time at Hal-Con:

STNG fans will probably recognize Tasha Yar - one of the many great guests at Hal-Con (but not as great as the Kill Shakespeare guys)

The people were amazing, and the event was as much fun as I have had at any convention in my life.

In fact I bet a lot of you are thinking “man, I’m sorry I missed that”.

Well… the people at CommandN thought so too, so they have put together a FANTASTIC special on the event — which you can check out right here!

We’re scattered throughout the special — but the whole thing is well worth your watching while.

And, if you haven’t had your fill of Kill Shakespeare, Halifax and Conor — then check out where Conor was interviewed by a gentlemen who had an English accent – for no discernable reason…

Click on interview #27.

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