Issue #7 Artwork

I would normally throw laudatory remarks about the artwork that Andy does on the series, but instead I will quote Ryan K. Lindsay’s review of this issue, which does the summary much more justice:

“Belanger has been a showcase of this series throughout. He puts everything into each page to make the characters jump out at you and this issue is a great opportunity for him to show true emotion in his players. He has also always worked hard to create dynamic pages but here he truly expresses something different. He frames scenes with the velvet curtain of the stage and he adds so many layers to the imagery that you feel a sensory overload that weighs you down. He has stepped up his already incredible game here and elevated this issue into a modern classic.”

Page 1 - Lady M and Iago

Pages 8-9 - Hamlet and Adriana dance with Juliet looks on

Page 10 - Feste takes a bow

Pages 16-17 - Hamlet and Juliet enter a tent of mirrors

Page 20 - Hamlet reflects

Page 21 - Juliet reflects

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