The South Street of Philadelphia

Conor, Andy and I returned to Toronto at about 6:30am this morning after driving through the night from Philadelphia.  We’ve already posted a number of entries and photos from our stay in New York but Philly found us at some great places and meeting some cool people.

One of the reasons we ventured out to Philly was because of Conor’s trip earlier this summer (you can read about it here) where he met Joe Turner at Atomic City Comics, a great comic and pop culture store.  We did a signing there on Friday night and then returned for a couple hours the next day to hang out.  Joe and the gang there are fantastic and really promoted our stay and introduced us to a number of great people.

Photos from our signing(s) are below.

Joe Turner and the K.S. gang at Atomic City

With script consultant Martha Cornog

How much is that artist in the window?

With a pair of honorary Canadians

The boys playing the X-Men arcade game

Andy with Ghost Buster pack (before)

Andy with Ghost Buster pack (after)

Joe is smitten with Andy's artwork

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