EATSLEEPGEEK says: “Kill Shakespeare: ‘All the Goodness of the Bard, none of the suck’”

EatSleepGeek is loving Hamlet's struggle to find the Bard, and himself...

With the first trade starting to proliferate across stores (comic shops have had it for one or two Wednesdays depending on their locale, and bookstores join in the fun this Tuesday), we’re starting to see reviews that come from areas that are less comic-focused.

While EATSLEEPGEEK certainly knows their comics they are more of a general pop-culture site – so it is great to see that they too think there is a little bit of awesome to be had within the comics pages.

It’s also one of the better critiques of the art — and Andy and Ian both come through with flying colours (appropriate for Ian, no?)

So click here for the review, and pass it on to some friends you know who may still be on the fence on the series.

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