Will Shakespeare Nuts Geek out on K.S.?

Just saw that Duane at the Shakespeare Geek has posted some KILL SHAKESPEARE stuff (including our trailer).  We look forward to starting up debates moving forward about whether Shakespeare would be interested in doing comic books – or be rolling over in his grave at the moment.  We’re of the opinion that if Shakey were alive today he’d probably be working closely with Stan Lee on some really cool stuff…

As Daune write: “Apparently they’ve got something else in mind altogether!  This might be a little over the top for some of the readers, but I think it could be great fun… As a purist I think the whole thing would self destruct – I think Hamlet wouldn’t be able to stand Falstaff and neither of them would give Juliet a second glance.  And I suspect that Iago and Richard would probably kill each other.  But we’ll just have to see how it plays out!”

Check out the link here

Bill? Or is it Duane?...

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