Trick or Treat in Guelph!

While Conor attends the Halifax Comic-Con, Andy and I will be taking part in a signing at Dragon Comics in Guelph, Ontario.  We’re just one of many comic creators that will be at the store that day, including some other top Canadian talents such as Ray Fawkes, Ross Campbell, Dale Keown and Richard Pace.  You can find out more about the event at this link.

It also gives me an opportunity to visit my sister as she lives in Guelph, so I’m looking forward to that.

You have a chance to hang out with us, get signed copies of our series, check out Issue #6 (which is being released October 27th) and, more importantly, find out about Andy’s big Halloween party taking place later that night in Toronto.  Andy throws perhaps the greatest Halloween parties in the city so be sure to check it out.

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