Official Previews Ad is Released

The official Previews ad for the first issue of KILL SHAKESPEARE, which is released to comic book retailers throughout North America, has been released this past week.  Featuring artwork by Andy Belanger and cover artist Kagan McLeod, the ad displays the two covers available for the first issue as well two pages from the book.

We're bona fide!

When I first received this artwork I got an immediate call from artist Andy B, telling us how excited he was to see it.  Even Conor, who will admit that he often doesn’t take the time to celebrate milestones properly, became super-excited about the upcoming release when he first looked at it.

The logo is a temporary one – we’ve just finished work on a revised version that is exciting everyone in Andy B’s studio.  The design of the ad was created by the inhouse team at IDW Publishing.  Thanks to our editor Tom Waltz and IDW E-I-C Chris Ryall for overseeing this.  (And for those that might catch them, I’m not sure who to blame for the punctuation errors… normally I blame Conor but I’m not sure about it this time…)

For those that don’t know, Previews is the monthly catalogue/listing of all titles that are available to be stocked.  The February issue highlights those that will be released in April.

For retailers, the ad is on Page 263 and the Ordering Code is #FEB10 0959.

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