Going comic shopping in Van-City

The Kill Shakespeare team had a chance to hit the left coast recently and while the trip had us talking to mobile-ap developers, catching films at the Vancouver International Film Festival, and of course eating at White Spot, we also found time to meet some of the local comics merchants and talk to them about Kill Shakespeare.

Conor outside Gotham Collectibles

Monique, the mistress of Gotham! (and a Deceptacon apparently).

First, we stopped off at Gotham Collectibles (2676 W 4th Ave – love those evil Cats!) in the ever trendier Kitsilano neighbourhood. Gotham is run by the “she-looks-way-too-young-to-be-running-her-own-business-Monique”.

Monique is passionate about bringing more women and girls into comics and has big plans to support Kill Shakespeare when the trade debuts on November 9th.

Gotham is a small store but jam packed with comics, toys, collectibles, general goth-y fun and my (Conor’s) favourite BEARBRICKS!

For those of you who don’t know these tiny little Japanese toys are designed by some of the top graf artists in the world and also include cute little bears based on some of the horror worlds most notorious characters. So I decided to pick up one that looked like Gizmo from Gremlins.

Bearbricks! Glorious Bearbricks!

Gotham is a new store, but with the passionate staff there and the tons and tons of cool stuff you can tell its going to be a great place to buy your favourite stuff.

So if you live in Vancouver make sure you head down to this gem and get to know Monique and support her store.

Tony-the-Tiger says I LOVE COMICS!

Then I headed over to downtown Vancouver to check out one of the classic Vancouver shops for comics, Golden Age Collectibles (852 Granville Ave). Golden Age is right in the heart of the theatre district, we actually checked out the store while we were waiting to see an Italian film at VIFF.

Golden Age is a big, two-level store that is filled to the brim with comics, graphic novels and indie titles from across B.C. and the country.

I chatted with Misty and Hank who both told me they were looking forward to checking out Kill Shakespeare when it becomes a trade and said that they have several customers who have the title as part of their pull list.

Truly, this is the Golden Age.

For those of you who like an open, airy, clean comics shopping experience then Golden Age is going to be your new favourite shop (if it isn’t already).  And Hank and Misty really know their stuff so they’ll be able to find you your next favourite title – so don’t be afraid to ask.

And this is barely a third of the store!

My two favourite things, Scott Pilgrim and a second floor.

As you can see they also pay proper homage to my fave Canadian comic (aside from perhaps Essex County) with a gigantic Scott Pilgrim mural, so they already had my attention when I walked in the door.

So there you have it, two totally different, but equally awesome comic shops that you need to search out if you live in Vancouver or if you are a comics fan who finds yourself visting this world class city.

And if you haven’t been to Vancouver you really want to get out there – between the mountains, the ocean and the amazing night life you can’t do much better.

Hank and Misty hold their favourite comic - Kill Shakespeare!

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