Alright, this is a TOTAL look “behind the curtain”, but here is a sneak peek at the Cover for issue #8.

Oh Hamlet, you have LOVELY gams.... (now cover'em before Del Col does you in, Dane!)

The only reason I put this out there is because HAMLET IS WEARING TIGHTS! This breaks EVERY rule Anthony has set down. I have it on good authority thast Anthony and his “anti-tight” squad of loose pants wearing Ninjas are going to stage a dawn raid at Casa Mcleod and force Hamlet into a pair of breeches and boots. But I wanted you, the loving Kill Shakespeare public to have a chance to see this rare occurance.

(oh, and this may be the only time you see those cool pennants and spears in the background in the clouds. Do you like’em? Should they stay? Let us know!)

UPDATE: Uh, yeah well sure you can’t actually SEE the pennants ans spears because this is just a thumbnail, but if you COULD would you want them to stay or go, you know, conceptually speaking…

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