Stephen Holt Strikes Again!

Our brand-new best friend Stephen Holt has added to his collection of Kill Shakespeare media. This time its in the form of two videos he has posted on his YouTube channel.

Sure, it's a grainy photo from Facebook, but its a visual aid dagnabbit, and that's all that matters!

Stephen is a passionate cinephile and blogs foir (the site Anthony uses to get the egde on the competition in his Hollywood movie league). We met him at TIFF and he very kindly (and correctly as it turned out) said he thought we would win PITCH THIS! He also does a popular public access show in NYC and agreed to chat with us!

You can surf into his channel (unless you get to see his show nin NYC) to watch the first part of the video here and the second part here!

We had a great time and we talked about things in this interview that we have NEVER been asked!

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