Our newest fan: Stephen Holt!

Two weeks ago at the Pitch This! event at the Toronto Film Festival we met Stephen Holt, a New York journalist and television host who saw our pitch and ran up to us afterwards, raving about the idea and insisting that we would win.  Well, Stephen was right and we did indeed win!  And we sat down for an interview with him the next day (after bumping into him again at a screening of Black Swan) and chatting about our project, the Oscars, film, and life in general.

(On a side note, Stephen is a writer on AwardsDaily.com, which is a site that I frequent a number of times a day between Sept 1st – Oscar night, giving me the inside goods on the Oscar campaigns and races.  When I found out that Stephen worked on the site I was blown away!)

Stephen has just posted a great article about us on his blog (you can access it by clicking on the photo of us below) and will shortly be posting a video interview with us as well.

Anthony and Conor flank Stephen Holt (second from right) and Robbie, the video ninja...

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