“I just purchased my second comic book in over 25 years…”

We were contacted a week ago by Nathaniel “Q” Quintana, who hosts the show Entertainment for the Rest of Us, which I appeared on recently.  It’s a radio show that looks at all forms of entertainment – films, television, music, theatre, etc – without the pretension of many other shows.  I had a blast on the show back in August and look forward to appearing again.

We received the following email from Nathaniel (or “Q”, as he likes to be called), which really made Conor and I smile.  It’s notes like these that make us really happy that we’re doing what we’re doing.  There are so many difficult spots on the journey that to receive something like this is fantastic.  Q’s email reads:



I just purchased my second comic book in over 25 years.  I picked up issue #5 for Kill Shakespeare yesterday and read it right away as soon as I got home.

I am really enjoying what you and Conor are doing.  It is a wonderful book and I’m hooked.  I can’t wait to see the film once you guys produce it.

On a side note I also purchased my 3rd comic book ever last night.  Based on our conversation during the show.  You talked a lot about Y The Last Man.  So while the Mrs. and I were out last night we went to Borders just to look around, I wanted to pick up book 1 of Walking Dead, but they were out. So I picked up Y and started reading it.  When it was time to go I told the wife I have to buy this book, so we did.  I just finished it this morning and I am headed back to buy more.

Thank you so much for reintroducing me to the world of comics and graphic novels.  The work that you, Conor and Andy are doing has brought me back to a place of joy. I forgot how much I enjoyed the art form and the visual story telling of comic.  I am not sure I would have found this joy, if it wasn’t for you reaching out to us to help promote your fantastic work. Thank you!



aka – Nathaniel J. Quintana


Entertainment for the Rest of Us

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