“Shakespearean action flick wins Pitch This!”

Today was a HUGE day for Kill Shakespeare.  Conor and I competed in the Telefilm Canada Pitch This! contest, taking place as part of the Toronto International Film Festival.  We were one of six finalists selected to pitch a film project… and WE WON!!!

You can read a great article about us in CBC by clicking on the above photo.

This is a huge vote of confidence in our project and means that we are on the right track in looking to expand the project beyond the comic book medium.

We’d like to commend the other team pitching their projects.  Though we did not have an opportunity to see their full pitches we’ve heard good things about them.

We’d like to thank Telefilm Canada for supporting this contest – it’s a great one.  The contest has been running for eleven years now and I’ve watched about seven of them (including four as a contestant – winner in ’06!) and it’s a great event.  We’d also like to thank Erin Rypstra and Shant Srabian from the TIFF Industry Centre, who oversaw the competition.  It was a first-class event and they should be commended.  And thanks to the jury, who saw this as a project to be supported.  We are doing our most to make this happen and become a very successful alumni of the competition.

  1. Andrew Ardizzi Andrew Ardizzi
    Andrew Ardizzi replied on September 19, 2010 at 5:07 pm

    Awesome! Congratulations guys. Does this mean we shall be seeing a movie adaptation? *nudge-nudge*

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