Compared to Sondheim…

Conor and I met with the very talented artist J-Bone to discuss something special (details to be announced in the future) and in the midst of our discussion the topic of composer Stephen Sondheim came up.  We debated the merit of his work with one person being a huge fan of his, while another appreciating his body of work but noting some of his faults.

Well, Andy and Conor have beards as well!...

Within the next few hours our first review of Kill Shakespeare #5 was released and what are we compared to?  Stephen Sondheim, of course (the exact quote is, “As Sondheim did with the Brothers Grimm when producing the musical Into The Woods, McCreery and Del Col mine and weave the various works of Shakespeare into this ambitious story.”)!  In his musical Into the Woods, Sonheim mashed up a number of fairy tales to form a new story, which is similar to Kill Shakespeare.

The review, by Jason Rosas of, was a very positive one, and can be found by clicking on the image of Sondheim.

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