An addition to the Kill Shakespeare family!

Big news for a member of the KSE team!

Someone on the KSE team got visited by the stork!

It takes a lot of people to make Kill Shakespeare a success. Some are obvious, Andy B. for art, Ian for colours, Kagan on covers… but that only touches the tip of the ice-berg. There are literally dozens of people who are helping to support Kill Shakespeare and recently one of our faves experienced a pretty fantastic milestone.

Jethro Bushenbaum is the KSE accountant – he’s talented, he’s super cool (the coolest accountant EVER) and now — he’s a DAD!

Seriously, an accountant? Pshaw - this guy is the Jethro, in Jethro Tull!

So, it is our honour to officially welcome the SUPER-cute Henin Bushenbaum to the Kill Shakespeare world (’cause her folks already did a fine job of doing the OFFICIAL-official introduction to the WHOLE world a little while back).

As you can see from the pics below she’s already ridiculously adorable (erasing Papa’s fears of perhaps having an “ugly baby” — cause we all know how much THOSE suck!)

Henin kicking it "relaxin'" style with her faithful canine companion

All tuckered out from one of her first days on the planet.

I want a hot-dog THIS big!!!!

And as a little aside did you know that a Hennin (extra ‘n’) was a popular conical-style hat worn in medeival times and also in early colonial America?

No you did not, and neither did I until Henin came along… see she’s teaching us already!

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