Publisher’s Weekly Profile

One of the highest profile publications in the publishing industry is Publisher’s Weekly, which is read by most people in the industry not only in the U.S. but many other countries.  We were very fortunate last July to be profiled by Calvin Reid, which was the kick-off for a great amount of publicity and interest in our project.  Most importantly, we were able to use Calvin’s title “Why Are Two Canadians Out to Kill Shakespeare” as the subject line for all introductory emails since then – it’s such a strong and intriguing way to kick off a discussion!

We had a pleasant breakfast conversation with Calvin on the final day of Comic-Con in San Diego late last month.  We talked about a number of things beyond Kill Shakespeare – the content and hopes for the Scott Pilgrim film, digital distribution models in publishing, and a number of other topics.  Calvin is a true fan of comics and has some great insights into the past and future of the industry.

Our profile, with the title of “Killing Shakespeare for Fun and Profit”, can be read by clicking on the photo of us with the Publishers Weekly crew (taken at Book Expo America in May of this year).

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