FanExpo, here we come!

It’s that time of year! No, I’m not referring to cooler weather or the purchase of backpacks and pencil cases… I’m referring to FanExpo Canada in Toronto!

Conor and I will be attending this year’s show for our fifth straight year. Wow, it’s been five years! Maybe six? I’ve lost track by now. It’s always one of our best shows and this year we’re excited to have it serve as the official launch pad for our new book SHERLOCK HOLMES VS HARRY HOUDINI! Though the book hits stores on September 10th you’ll be able to find a limited number of copies at the show this year.

You may even be able to find Anthony and Conor's doppelgangers, Sam and Keith!

You may even be able to find Anthony and Conor’s doppelgangers, Sam and Keith!

This year’s FanExpo runs from Thu, Sep 3 – Sun, Sep 6th at the Metro Convention Centre. Conor and I will be located in Artist Alley at Table P59 all weekend.



New Yorkers, learn how to write comics!

Now back from my West Coast mini-vacation with my uber-lovely wife, I’m hitting the ground running. For those curious, we are not attending San Diego Comic-Con this week but in our absence expect one or two announcements about forthcoming projects (no hints – yet)!

And once all of that is done, I’m happy to announce that I’m putting together a comic book writing workshop in New York City next week! The Screenwriters’ Collective has asked me to come in and do a seminar on how to turn your idea into a comic book. The details are:



The NYC Screenwriters Collective is happy to present Graphic Novel Writing with Anthony Del Col.  With the success of the Marvel Studios films and TV series like The Walking Dead blazing trails in pop culture, comic books have never been bigger. And comics are not just superheroes these days -­ it’s everything from historical drama to romance. But what does it take to write a comic book series? Acclaimed comic book creator Anthony Del Col (IDW Publishing’s “Kill Shakespeare”) teaches this seminar on how to turn your ideas into a comic book. He will address the process behind the creation of a comic, how to write a comic book (it’s not just word balloons!), how to navigate the industry, and everything in­ between. 


WHEN: Thursday JULY 16th — Seminar 6:30p-8:00p, Networking 8:00-10:00pm

WHERE: At the People’s Improv Theater at 123 E 24th Street.

Price: $25 discounted to $15 with NYCSC promo code. 

FREE NETWORKING EVENT. If you can’t make the workshop, please attend our free Monthly Networking Evening 8pm-10pm…cash bar… located in the bar at the People’s Improve Theater. Partnered with the M/E/T.  

Tickets can be purchased here. This is a non-profit venture – all funds go towards covering costs for the venue and event.

So come on out!



The Mask of Night collected edition is out next week!

I’m excited to announce that the collected trade paperback of THE MASK OF NIGHT is being released next week in comic shops around the world (and bookstores will be the following week).  So if you’re looking for a great holiday gift idea for that comic and/or Shakespeare fan in your circle, our fourth volume could be it!

Cover by Andy Belanger

Cover by Andy Belanger

This collected book includes the original four issues, a new backup story detailing the backstory of our protagonist’s brother Sebastian (tying it into our Kill Shakespeare universe), and a page-by-page dissection of script-to-artwork.

We’re excited to see the final product when it arrives (after LA port delays) and we know you will too!

Kill Shakespeare in London!

Though I’m still recovering from the melee that was the New York Comic-Con this past weekend, I am now preparing for one final comic-con (for me) this year. And is it not fitting that it’ll be in the place that Shakespeare became famous – London, England?

The MCM London show last October - completely packed and crazy!

The MCM London show last October – completely packed and crazy!

Yes, I’m heading to London next week for the London MCM Comic-Con. Conor attended the show back in May and I attended a couple of the show last year and they were all great. It’s an amazing city with a huge appetite for anything geek (and Shakespeare). There are a great group of organizers involved and the crowds are huge and wild.

The show takes place next Friday (October 24) until Sunday (the 26th) and I will be there all three days. Once I have my exact table number (and panel info) I’ll post them online but it shouldn’t be too hard to find me at the show.

So if you’re in London please spread the word – the Canadian is invading! The Canadian is invading!


Two books released next Wednesday (October 1st)!

Well, when it rains, it pours…

Next week is going to be a busy one for us as we are releasing on Wed, Oct 1st not one but TWO comic book issues on the same day!

First off, we are releasing the fourth and final issue of our latest Kill Shakespeare mini-series, THE MASK OF NIGHT. Betrayed by the vicious cannibal Captain Lucius, Viola and Hamlet must undertake an odds-defying mission to punish a murder most foul.  It’s an ending that features adventure, romance, revenge, amazing art (by Andy Belanger) and death – all the good parts of a Shakespearean tale.

And we’re quite proud to release the debut issue of our new series with Dynamite Comics, SHERLOCK HOLMES vs HARRY HOUDINI. In this first issue, famed detective Sherlock Holmes and brash showman Harry Houdini must combine forces to defeat a mysterious mystic dedicated to destroying Houdini’s career and anyone who gets in his way.

We quite enjoyed the ability to bring these two larger-than-life figures together and see what happens when they first meet.  Do they become BFFs? Do they get under each other’s skin?  And who is worthy of doing battle with both (if there is anyone at all)?  We are working with talented Carlos Furuzuno and the talented team at Dynamite Comics to bring our story to life.

The Mask of Night #4 cover by Andy Belanger; Sherlock Holmes vs. Harry Houdini Cover B by John Cassady.

The Mask of Night #4 cover by Andy Belanger; Sherlock Holmes vs. Harry Houdini Cover B by John Cassady.

To read a preview of the first couple pages of Holmes vs. Houdini, click here.


So go to your local comic shop next Wednesday and check out both issues!


Rose City, here we come!

It’s going to be a busy September for us as between Conor and I we attend three comic conventions.  Conor is attending Montreal (Sept 12-14) and Edmonton (Sept 26-28) and he’ll be posting information about those shows soon… And for me? I get to make Kill Shakespeare’s first attendance at a show… The Rose City Comic-Con in Portland (Sept 20-21)!


(Yes, cue jokes about Portlandia…)

I’m quite excited to check out the show. I’ve heard great things about Portland and have a few friends/colleagues in the city so it’ll be great to catch up with them. I’ve heard amazing things about the comic scene in the city so am looking forward to tap into that while visiting.

I will be at Table V-12 (you can find a map here). Come to the show and say hello!

Kill Shakespeare @ FanExpo this weekend!

While I refuse to acknowledge that the summer will be ending soon and the autumn beginning, I do recognize that one of the events that marks the countdown to fall is one of my favorite comic-cons, FanExpo Canada in Toronto.  It’s our hometown crowd and we always have a blast catching up with fellow Torontonians as well as meet our fans and earn new ones along the way.

And yes, we will be attending this year’s show, which is this weekend (Thu,Aug 28 – Sun, Aug 31) at the Metro Convention Centre in downtown Toronto.

You can find us at Table P31 all weekend with books, issues, tshirts, stories and jokes. Yes, jokes! Come and say hello!

FanExpo this weekend!

FanExpo this weekend!

You may even be able to find Anthony and Conor's doppelgangers, Sam and Keith!

You may even be able to find Anthony and Conor’s doppelgangers, Sam and Keith!




Mask of Night #3 is out next week (Aug 27th)!

Yes, the headline is correct… After a slate of very positive reviews for Issue #2, our third (and penultimate) issue of THE MASK OF NIGHT  is out next Wednesday (the 27th)!

(And yes, it’s also an exciting day as it’s my birthday… But I digress…)

Here are the two covers for the issue… Which one do you like best?

The Mask of Night #3 Cover B by JK Woodward

The Mask of Night #3 Cover B by JK Woodward

The Mask of Night #3 Cover A by Andy Belanger

The Mask of Night #3 Cover A by Andy Belanger




Three Days in Boston (this weekend)

It’s a busy week for us with prepping the final issue of The Mask of Night (Andy Belanger’s artwork is really amazing, and the issue should really allow for colorist Shari Chankhamma to shine as well), putting together the hard cover Backstage Edition, doing some work on our upcoming Sherlock Holmes vs. Harry Houdini series, and a bunch of other things.  As well, I’m gearing up for one of my favourite shows…

Boston Comic-Con 2014!

boston con 2014


I will be at Table D709 the entire weekend. It’s great as I’ll be seated next to fellow Canuck creator Ramon Perez and amazing artist Marcio Takara. You can access a floor plan for the show here.

I am also reprising my How to Pitch Your Comic workshop on Sunday at 11am in Waterfront Ballroom 1 (full event schedule here).  It was a packed crowd last year and I received a great response and they asked me to return, which I am honoured to do.  If you’re trying to break into comics it’s a great way to learn the ins-and-outs of the pitching process.

So if you’re in Boston please come and visit – last year was a great time and this year should be even better!

Anthony with Boston Comic-con chief organizer Jim.

Anthony with Boston Comic-con chief organizer Jim.

Our New Project!

Though we tend to blog almost exclusively on our Kill Shakespeare ventures, I figured that I would put a mention here of an upcoming comic book series that Conor and I are working on – and has just been announced this morning!

Conor and I will be working with Dynamite Comics on SHERLOCK HOLMES VS. HARRY HOUDINI, a new five-issue series debuting this October in comic shops around the world!

Looks like got the scoop on the series and posted the press release here. It appears as though they have my name wrong (I guess I’m now Spanish…?) but other than that it’s great to see the news become public.

And here is one of the covers – really cool!

Holmes & Houdini Cover!

Holmes & Houdini Cover!

Both Conor and I are quite excited about the series (I’m a big fan of the BBC Sherlock of recent years) and I can’t wait for everyone to read it when it comes out!