Favourite Films of 2012

Conor and I were asked this week to appear on Global TV’s The Morning Show to talk about our favourite (and least-favourite) films of 2012.  Joining us was the uber-astute moviegoer Daniel Reynolds (a really great guy – and very smart viewer) in a roundtable format.

Conor hides his head in shame while Daniel and Anthony look on

Our picks?  You can check out the clip below to watch and find out.  However, I’ll hint a couple things – we talk about Sarah Polley’s good and bad efforts, Ben Affleck’s chest, and Ridley Scott’s scripts…

Issue #1 of Tide of Blood has very early positive review!

We were able to get a very early sneak preview of our Issue #1 of The Tide of Blood series to the folks at Diamond’s Previews World magazine a couple weeks ago… and they liked it so much that they named it a Staff Pick for the month of February!

Kate Henning writes: “If you’re looking for a solid story with complex characters and a little bit of magic, believe me when I say you’d do well to join them.” (Click on the image to read the preview.)

We’re excited to see what others think of the issue (and series) when it’s released in February.  Stay tuned for more information on the new series over the next little while.

We made Boing Boing’s 2012 Gift Guide!

For those that don’t know, Boing Boing is one of the top websites for geeks and overall culture influencers.  They put together late last month the items on their 2012 Gift Guide and we are listed on it!

Their pop culture columnist Jamie Frevele, who we met at New York Comic-Con last month, highlights our series  and recommends it, “for the Shakespeare lover in your life.”

Check out the complete list by clicking on the Boing Boing logo above.

(Thanks to Alison Gibbins for being the first to let us know about this!)

Not To Be Missed!

The reviews are rolling in from Halifax for the Kill Shakespeare show and they are GOOD!

Daniel Gervais as Hamlet

First, Kate Watson, of legendary weekly The Coast, gave the production a very strong review saying:

I see over a 100 plays a year, and I’m predicting that Kill Shakespeare will stand out as one of the most memorable and entertaining of 2012.

She raved about the cast provided by Lion’s Den and Vile Passeist and then concluded by saying the show was “not to be missed”.

To read the full review click here.

After that we got another great shout out from The Chronicle Herald. This is Halifax’s largest daily newspaper. The Chronicle ended up giving us a feature length review. Not just on the theatre show (which Elissa Barnard called “marvellous”), but also on the whole concept.

The Chronicle was also amazed at the work of Andy B.:

Belanger’s illustrations are a beautiful and sometimes extraordinary art, especially when Hamlet must face his own demons in the hall of mirrors sequence.

To read more of what the Chronicle, uh, chronicled click here.

And remember, Haligonians, there are still three shows left to catch tonight and tomorrow night at 8 PM as well as a 2 PM matinee on Sunday.

Thanks to everyone who has gone out to see the show so far, we really appreciate your support.

Bardicide at Bus Stop!

There are tons of memories and photos to share from the Halifax ComicCon, and I promise I’ll get right on that but, first, I wanted to make sure our friends and fans in Nova Scotia know they can come and support Kill Shakespeare by attending our….


The Kill Shakespeare stage show is a 90 minute (including intermission) theatre extravaganza that takes all of Andy’s amazing art and uses it as backdrop for a team of actors to stage a radio-play style performance complete with live foley and music.

Our awesome actors at work at HalCon.

We’ve teamed up with the amazing people from Lion’s Den Theatre and Vile Passeist Theatre to put the show on for a whole week from Tuesday October 30th, to Sunday November 4th. We’d love for you to come join us. And if you can’t make it please think of sharing the news on Facebook and Twitter.

Kill Shakespeare at Bus Stop Theatre (2203 Gottingen Street, Halifax):

Tickets $20, $15 for students and anyone with a HalCon pass.

October 30th – 8 PM. Opening Night: stay for drinks and snacks with the cast, director and co-writer!

October 31st – 8 PM  Halloween Madness: Costumed guests pay student rate. Free lootbags!

November 1st - 8 PM

November 2nd - 8 PM

November 3rd – 8 PM

November 4th – 2 PM Matinee, 8 PM Closing Night/Trivia: Free K.S. swag for winners!

See you at the show!

The entire cast - cute bunch, eh?

Kill Shakespeare is coming to HalCon and the stage!

Halifax has ALWAYS been one of our, if not our absolute, favourite shows on the schedule.

Halifax is where we had our FIRST Cos-players - the amazing Ken and Alicia Robichaud.

The combination of excellent organizers, a lively and interested crowd, and the hospitality Atlantic Canada is famous for makes it a winner in our books.

This year we’re going to be doing even more at HalCon than usual — we’re bringing the Kill Shakespeare stageshow!

On Saturday at 3:45 PM Kill Shakespeare will be presented by the amazing Lion’s Den Theatre in association with Vile Passeist. The two groups have banded together and have been rehearsing the show for almost a month.

A shot of the packed house Kill Shakespeare had at the Montreal ComicCon

Yes, a MONTH. And it isn’t JUST because they’ll be putting the show on at HalCon.


No siree.

You see THIS time around, Kill Shakespeare is going to step beyond the convention scene for THE FIRST TIME EVER.

That’s right, Kill Shakespeare is hitting the stage in downtown Halifax.

Kill Shakespeare at Bus Stop Theatre (2203 Gottingen Street, Halifax):

Tickets $20, $15 for students and anyone with their HalCon pass.

October 30th – 8 PM. Opening Night: stay for drinks and snacks with the cast, director and co-writer!

October 31st – 8 PM  Halloween Madness: Costumed guests pay student rate. Free lootbags!

November 1st - 8 PM

November 2nd - 8 PM

November 3rd – 8 PM

November 4th – 2 PM Matinee, 8 PM Closing Night/Trivia: Free K.S. swag for winners!

We hope all of our East Coast friends will be at HalCon and can catch the free show. We’d also love it if you tweet and post about the Bus Stop theatre run.

Better yet, come out with your HalCon pass and get a $5 discount and bring a friend who missed HalCon to the show.

This is our chance to prove that comic culture and Shakespeare mix like chocolate and peanut butter!

See you soon!

Kill Shakespeare in New York Times twice in one week!

I’m still busy catching up on things after our week in New York for the Comic-Con and wanted to post that we have been mentioned twice in the past five days in the New York Times.

On Friday writer George Gustines mentioned our Saturday Live Stage Reading as one of the things to look for at the convention.

Today we were profiled by Ayun Holliday in a piece about books with educational value that were featured at the show!

Andy Belanger gets the Star Treatment

Comic journalism, like comics themselves, sometimes doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

It also can see a sharp divide. Bloggers talk about the latest “capes” book while the “serious” journalists focus more on the sort of work you might see Adrian Tomine or Alison Bechdel put out.

Serious comic. Serious journalism.

So it was an extra pleasant surprise to read Keith Silva’s amazing piece on our own Andy Belanger (with a nice helping of Andy’s sweetheart Becky Cloonan) in the e-pages of Comics Bulletin. The story really embraces Andy’s love of genre as well as personal storytelling.

The feature length article takes a look at Andy’s whole career – starting with the fact that Andy’s Dad was Batman… no, seriously…

As you learn in the article Andy grew up on the mean streets of San Francisco's "Castro" district

Keith has put together a wonderfully written piece that is a real credit to journalism and also surprised me by teaching me a few new things about our fave artist and partner.

Enjoy the read!

Here come the Aussies to pillage TCAF, Viking-style!

The amazing TCAF 2012 is going to be even better than it looks! (This poster is drawn by the incomparable Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon).

TCAF is always one of our favourite events in the comic’s calendar.

(and if you haven’t gone before then get yourself down to the Toronto Reference Library at Bloor and Yonge this weekend).

It is one of the rare places where you can delve deeply into a host of creator owned books as well as read illustrated stories in pretty well any genre under the sun.

Organizer Chris Butcher also does an amazing job of bringing in the sort of guests you won’t find anywhere else. Guests from all over the world.

Make sure you check out the amazing comic work coming out of Australia

One of those exotic guests happens to come from Australia and he happens to know my soon to be sister-in-law, Allison, and so I’m super excited to get to shill for his arrival in Canada.

Matt Taylor works in advertising back in Oz (so if you need to hire an amazing concept design firm go here), but he’s also a rabid comics fan and creator.

He’s been crisis-crossing North America as part of the Caravan of Comics, an invasion of sorts of like-minded Aussies with keen wits and pens to match.

Matt is a pretty funny dude and he’s been kind enough to give the Kill Shakespeare universe a sneak-peak at his book, Lars the Viking.

Lars is a perturbed lil’ fellow who speaks entirely in verse and mostly is pretty ticked that all the good plundering days seem to have come to an end. It turns out that the Vikings may not be long for this world, and Lars isn’t QUITE ready to accept sliding into the dustbin of history.

(Oh, and Lars has a pet pig? Did I mention that? A pig who also goes on raids? Yep, a raiding-pig… sweet!)

So please enjoy this little gift through K.S. and we hope all of you who are coming to TCAF this weekend will check out our Australian friends as well!


Pretty in Purple

With Anthony and Conor splitting up to do cross-country coverage of comic-con’s (say that five times fast), the press has started to come trickling in.

All the world is Kill Shakespeare's media-stage

For those fans newer to the whole Kill Shakespeare “thing” these interviews are a great way to get caught up on what the project is about, what we have done and where we are going for it.

In Toronto, at the Fan Appreciation Show, Conor chatted with Adam Donaldson of Press+1 a new, and very slick site that delves into geek culture with reviews, interviews and commentary (they’re also going to cover the Junos – Canada’s music awards – which I think is pretty cool and innovative).

You can check out the interview with Conor here (and leave comments on that snaZZY purple sweater below….).

Next stop for the dynamic duo is the Shakespeare Association of America’s meeting in Bahstahn, so if anyone has any advice on what to do and where to go this weekend let us know!

As Don Draper’s wife would say — Bissous (or is that Zou be Zou be Zou?)