The Kill Shakespeare Bar!

Yes, for one weekend in late March there will indeed be a Kill Shakespeare bar…

As a part of FableTown and Beyond (March 22-24) a spot known as Brad’s Place will be going back in time to become the Kill Shakespeare Bar, which will host all the attendees.  It’s a pretty cool olde english-y type of pub that hopefully will inspire some great conversations, laughter, and perhaps even a bar fight or two (but that’ll only be between myself and our intern extraordinaire Keith Morris, I predict, though I’m sure that I have many other enemies…).

Here is a quick screen grab from the YouTube clip, also show below.

As the Fabletown and Beyond website says:

“Every convention has the one bar where everyone ends up hanging out. But, as far as we know, no convention has opened it’s own private bar, specifically for the event. We’re rather proud to be the first. During the entire three days of the show, we’ll have the Kill Shakespeare bar open for the exclusive use of our attendees. It’s in the Lord Essex room of the Kahler Hotel, operated by your host, Brad Thomte (of San Diego Fables Panel fame), as a place where you can enjoy good drinks, good food, and unprecedented small-group access to our wonderful and erudite guests. Buying them a drink in order to ply them for inside information on your favorite Mythic Fiction books is not only allowed—it’s ordained.”

Making Oscar predictions

One of our most loyal – and most fun – journalists that we’ve done interviews with is Stephen Holt, the New York-based Oscar pundist.  I always try to do an interview or two with Stephen in the midst of the Toronto Film Festival and Stephen has now become a regular at the New York Comic-Con.

Stephen has been billed as “The Oscar Messenger” and, as a follower of the Oscar season, I always enjoy chatting with him about his predictions and thoughts on the Oscar race.  Here is a video taken during Comic-Con last weekend, and you can also check out an interview that Stephen does with both myself and Conor here.

A fan has fun going through Kill Shakespeare in this video

Shea, a voracious comic book reader, has done a number of extensive reviews of books over the last few years.  She recently stepped up and did a full review (and full synopsis of Kill Shakespeare) on her website video section, Spoilerific!.

SPOILER ALERT! Shea goes through the entire comic book story here so if you haven’t read it, perhaps you shouldn’t go through all of it with her.

Overall she does like our series.  She makes a number of funny remarks – and doesn’t like every element about the series – but I did enjoy her enthusiasm about it.  There are a few mis-interpretations but she does raise a couple really good questions about specific elements.  I found it quite enjoyable.

(And her friends that did cameos are also pretty fun.)

Here’s the video:

K.S. Friends, “Bad Kids Go To Hell”, Bring Their Film To FanExpo

Going to conventions as much as we do you get the great opportunity to meet other creative entrepreneurs, and one of the real pleasures of the job is being able to share their work with your own fans and supporters.

It was a long journey from script to screen...

So without further ado…

One of the most interesting events that should be on top of your “things to do at FanExpo”,  is the Bad Kids Go To Hell screening.

Based on the bestselling Bad Kids Go To Hell graphic novel, which is kinda a ‘John Hughes meets Halloween’ idea, the film is going to premiere at the FanExpo on Saturday night.

You can meet Matt and “Bazza” the two creators of the book and film at Booth #802 (they are special guests of the Silver Snail) and see the film at 6:30 PM in room 715. Check the boys’ newsletter for a special “Detention Slip” that can get you into the film.

... but Bad Kids the film is debuting at FanExpo on Saturday at 6:30!

Matt and Barry (Baz’s REAL name) are great guys that we met when we first  started promoting Kill Shakespeare – their comic-to-screen journey is one we’re working hard to emulate – so for any of our fans who also loves a good old-fashioned 80′s style sex and scare story you should make a point of checking out the Bad Kids journey.

For a better taste – here is the trailer:

Anthony Interviewed at ALA

Here is an interview that I did with the fun Kat Kan for the American Library Association while in Anaheim this past weekend… I talk about Kill Shakespeare, the genesis of the project, and thoughts on libraries (and having KS in libraries)…

(I hope that sound of the baby crying/laughing in the background isn’t too distracting for you…)

Anthony Talks About Libraries!

In two weeks I will be attending the American Library Association Annual Conference in Anaheim and am really looking forward to it.  It will my first time there and, in addition to having a table all weekend to talk about Kill Shakespeare I will also be giving a presentation about Kill Shakespeare and how we created our project.

In anticipation of this, I did an interview with the ALA’s Megan McFarlane at C2E2 in Chicago in April to talk about my earliest library experiences…

Vloging from Stratford-upon-Avon

Conor and I visited Stratford-upon-Avon earlier today and had some great meetings with a number of top Shakespearean scholars, movers and shakers.  The rain-and-then-sunny-then-rain-again couldn’t keep our spirits down as the day began with a trip to the Shakespeare Birthplace – the house that the Bard was born and raised in (and then took over and converted into a pub when he returned to Stratford as a successful playwright).

Here is a brief video that I took while there… and look for a cameo from Conor (along with an educational insight)…

A Video of Anthony from WonderCon

A little video that Lyz “Lyzard” Reblin took of me a week ago at WonderCon…

Anthony Appears on T-Dot Comix New Vlog

Earlier this week I sat down with one of the biggest fans of our series, Alice Quinn.  She and XXX have started a new web series, Quinntessential Comics, which is a weekly series devoted to discussing comics with fans, experts and creators.

It’s always great to chat with Alice and we had a lot of fun shooting this episode.

Top o’ The Morning

Conor and I appeared on Canada’s GlobalTV The Morning Show earlier today to talk about Kill Shakespeare and our Live Stage Reading this weekend (tomorrow and Sunday!) at The Young Centre for the Performing Arts.  It was a fun spot – it’s rare to be able to have an 8-10 minute conversation on live television like that.  Conor and I really enjoyed ourselves and chatting about the book, the reading, Twilight, inspiration, schools and everything else.

To watch the interview click on the image below (thanks to Liz Cunha for emailing us some screenshots from her Blackberry).