Pictures from that most latin of North American cities. The one that never sleeps – the one that starts with an “M”

… Montreal.


I know, I know that I just got back from Miami and you want photos of Manatees and Martinis, but some of you have been bugging me for awhile about La Belle Province.

“Conor,” you say, “Where are all those photos you promised from Montreal? You took like a dozen of you and the belly dancer alone!”

And I had to confess that because I am technologically dumb I had somehow managed to save my Montreal photos in a strange directory that I could not find to upload them.

But lo and behold! While taking photos for my time at the Miami Book Fair, I managed to save THOSE photos in the same place and this time, sitting along in my hotel room with nothing but tap water and angst, I managed to CRACK THE CODE.

So here we go — a small sample of the VERY delayed Montreal photos are here, as well as a video from the show of a hoarse-voiced me trying to pitch a girl on the merits of Kill Shakespeare, but all she’s REALLY interested in is my celebrity look-alike…

For all the photos cruise over to our Facebook page:

The Miami photos and stories will be along in a day or so.



The very talented Steve Paugh has a "Trouble with Tribbles" moment.

The very talented Steve Paugh has a “Trouble with Tribbles” moment.


I agreed to help at the booth, McCreery. Hugs cost extra.


Vulcans say not buying Kill Shakespeare is HIGHLY “illogical.”


When Jessica Rabbit and a Belly Dancer come by to buy your comic — well you know your marketing teams are REALLY doing their jobs.


Cutest. Costume. Ever.


Two siblings, each alike in lit’racy, in fair Montreal where we lay our scene…

And now the video!

Anthony talks Oscars!

With the ending of the Toronto International Film Festival, Oscar season is in full-swing!  A big area of interest for me is the annual Oscar race and I’ve done interviews on a number of media shows to discuss the politics and campaigning around this season.

One show I’ve been on a number of times is The Stephen Holt Show (the self-prescribed Oscar Messenger), based in New York.  Stephen was in Toronto last week for TIFF and I sat down with him at the beginning of the fest (just before heading out to Baltimore) to talk Oscars.  Here is part one of the interview (Part 2 is here):

Anthony talks libraries (video)

At the American Library Association Annual Conference a few weeks ago in Chicago I sat down with Jennifer “Bill” Billingsley from the Glenwood-Lynwood Public Library to talk about Kill Shakespeare, my thoughts on libraries, our stage show, growing up at libraries in northern Canada, and a range of other things.

The video was shot on her iPad so the video is in a different perspective (and the audio isn’t great) but you get the gist of what we’re talking about…

Librarians, here we come!

One of the more unique – and enjoyable – conferences I attended last year was the American Library Association Annual Conference (held in Anaheim last June).  It’s a huge smorgasbord of some of the most influential readers and people in the publishing industry – the librarians!

I’m excited to attend this year’s Annual Conference again, which will be held this weekend in Chicago (at the McCormick Place convention Centre, where we’ve attended C2E2 the last two years).  I will be representing Kill Shakespeare at the event, which will be open this Friday (the 28th) and go until Monday (July 1st).

For those attending the show, I will be in the Artist Alley section of the show, at Booth 2461.  Make sure to swing by and say hello and I’ll probably be able to give you a sneak peak at the final issue of The Tide of Blood (but if I show you I may need to kill you afterwards…).

One of the other things that will be happening is a silent auction through the weekend.  Andy Belanger has donated an original page of art from our original series, which is up for auction.  Details about the silent auction can be found here. (Updated – June 25 – the page on the site was ruined in transit so we will be bringing another page for the auction instead.)

Here’s a video interview I did at last year’s show, talking about my experiences at libraries growing up:

Anthony in London this weekend (UK)!

I will be traveling to the home country of Mr. Shakespeare himself this week.  Departing tomorrow, I will be attending the MCM London Comic-Con this upcoming weekend (May 24 – 26) in London this weekend.  I will be in the Comics Village the entire weekend so if you – or anyone that you know – will be attending swing by to say hello and pick up a book or issue (or two).

Kill Shakespeare in London!

I will then be heading over to Oxford to teach a Shakespeare class and take in some other meetings.

I’m looking forward to revisiting England.  Last year’s trip was amazing  – attending the Bristol and Kapow! shows, visiting Oxford and, of course, Stratford-upon-Avon. And it’ll be great to reconnect with friends from last year’s show – and make new ones.

Check out the video that Conor and I shot at Shakespeare’s Birthplace last year…

A one-minute summary of The Tide of Blood #1

Vlogger Shea Koshan often puts together one-minute summaries of comics that she likes (she did one for the first issue of our original series three years ago) and she’s back with a video synopsis of the first issue of The Tide of Blood.

What do you think of her summary?  Feel free to post comments on her YouTube page or her Twitter site and let her know.

Conor on stage with Neil Gaiman (Video)

As mentioned last weekend I had an amazing time out in Orlando where I got to be part of the International Association for the Fantastic Arts’ annual conference.

One of the real treats was getting to be IN a play with Neil Gaiman. The play was called “The Sum of Your Experience” and the lovely dirtectrix, Carrie J. Cole, sent me a link to a video of the show.

Bill Clementine, a noble IAFA member, shot the video and edited it for this clip and the narration is provided by Brett Cox.

(And if you don’t know which one is me and which one is Mr. Gaiman? I’m the handsome one – GRIN)

We did this after just one hour of rehearsal – so I think it’s pretty amazing we didn’t screw up too many lines (I combined two lines once but Neil covered like a champ — see if you can spot my screw-up).


Valentine Movies Guys Won’t Hate (The Morning Show clip)

Conor and I appeared on Global TV’s Morning Show again this morning, this time discussing “guy-friendly” Valentine’s Day/romantic films.  We appeared again with our excellent co-panelist Daniel Reynolds, a film/basketball blogger.

It was a fun segment where we each listed two films that guys would enjoy on this day. What exactly were our picks?  Check out the video footage below…

Conor mimes a heart while Anthony and Daniel look on

Trailer for The Tide of Blood released!

With the launch of the Kill Shakespeare: The Tide of Blood in just under two weeks (February 20th!) we’re quite happy to release our official teaser trailer.

Designed by young filmmaker Adrien Benson, and produced by our amazing marketing intern Keith Morris, the trailer is a nice teaser of the journey that our characters embark upon in this series. The music is a piece entitled “Moon Interpretation” by Jeremy Gulino.

Check it out – and spread the word by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere!

The Kill Shakespeare Bar!

Yes, for one weekend in late March there will indeed be a Kill Shakespeare bar…

As a part of FableTown and Beyond (March 22-24) a spot known as Brad’s Place will be going back in time to become the Kill Shakespeare Bar, which will host all the attendees.  It’s a pretty cool olde english-y type of pub that hopefully will inspire some great conversations, laughter, and perhaps even a bar fight or two (but that’ll only be between myself and our intern extraordinaire Keith Morris, I predict, though I’m sure that I have many other enemies…).

Here is a quick screen grab from the YouTube clip, also show below.

As the Fabletown and Beyond website says:

“Every convention has the one bar where everyone ends up hanging out. But, as far as we know, no convention has opened it’s own private bar, specifically for the event. We’re rather proud to be the first. During the entire three days of the show, we’ll have the Kill Shakespeare bar open for the exclusive use of our attendees. It’s in the Lord Essex room of the Kahler Hotel, operated by your host, Brad Thomte (of San Diego Fables Panel fame), as a place where you can enjoy good drinks, good food, and unprecedented small-group access to our wonderful and erudite guests. Buying them a drink in order to ply them for inside information on your favorite Mythic Fiction books is not only allowed—it’s ordained.”