Rose City, here we come!

It’s going to be a busy September for us as between Conor and I we attend three comic conventions.  Conor is attending Montreal (Sept 12-14) and Edmonton (Sept 26-28) and he’ll be posting information about those shows soon… And for me? I get to make Kill Shakespeare’s first attendance at a show… The Rose City Comic-Con in Portland (Sept 20-21)!


(Yes, cue jokes about Portlandia…)

I’m quite excited to check out the show. I’ve heard great things about Portland and have a few friends/colleagues in the city so it’ll be great to catch up with them. I’ve heard amazing things about the comic scene in the city so am looking forward to tap into that while visiting.

I will be at Table V-12 (you can find a map here). Come to the show and say hello!

Kill Shakespeare @ FanExpo this weekend!

While I refuse to acknowledge that the summer will be ending soon and the autumn beginning, I do recognize that one of the events that marks the countdown to fall is one of my favorite comic-cons, FanExpo Canada in Toronto.  It’s our hometown crowd and we always have a blast catching up with fellow Torontonians as well as meet our fans and earn new ones along the way.

And yes, we will be attending this year’s show, which is this weekend (Thu,Aug 28 – Sun, Aug 31) at the Metro Convention Centre in downtown Toronto.

You can find us at Table P31 all weekend with books, issues, tshirts, stories and jokes. Yes, jokes! Come and say hello!

FanExpo this weekend!

FanExpo this weekend!

You may even be able to find Anthony and Conor's doppelgangers, Sam and Keith!

You may even be able to find Anthony and Conor’s doppelgangers, Sam and Keith!




Hard Cover BACKSTAGE EDITION to come in October!

We’re quite excited to announce that the long-awaited BACKSTAGE EDITION, which collects the original twelve issues of our tale, will be released in October of this year to comic book shops (and book stores)!  With a leather hard cover, annotations by some of the top Shakespeare scholars in North America, an original Kill Shakespeare story, and original artwork designed by Andy Belanger, it’s perfect for the biggest fans of our series!

This is just a mock-up of what the cover will look like (we’ll have it finalized in the next month):

What do you think?

What do you think?

You can pre-order copies at comic book shops this month (go now – order code is AUG140500!) or pre-order it online or with a book store.  We’re excited to see it first-hand in the very near future!

Happy Birthday Conor!

Today (July 1st) is Kill Shakespeare co-creator Conor McCreery’s birthday!  So if you have a moment leave him a quick birthday note below, or on our Twitter or Facebook pages!  Special points for those that leave him a note in iambic pentameter…

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!


Happy birthday Conor!

Toronto Launch Event this Wednesday!

Now that we’re back from L.A. Conor and I will be returning to our old stompin’ ground of Toronto’s Paradise Comics this Wednesday (the 26th) for a signing of the first issue of our new series, THE MASK OF NIGHT!  It’s where we have our first signing of our original series, as well as our sequel (The Tide of Blood) last year so we’re looking forward to returning and hanging out with Doug, Pete and everyone else at Paradise.

Where did that copy of Kill Shakespeare go?

Where did that copy of Kill Shakespeare go?

We’re signing from 4-7pm that day so come by and visit us and check out our new series!


Where it all began

I was going through my files recently and discovered this – the original treatment for Kill Shakespeare, written so many years ago.  Wow.  How this one doc changed my entire life and put me (and us) on this crazy and amazing ride…

Still love that Garamond font!

Still love that Garamond font!

A Sneak Peek of Our New Tshirts

Here is a design that will debut later this month… Do you like it?

Is it possible to have a sequel tshirt...?

Is it possible to have a sequel t-shirt…?

Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks in the Windy City

After a great weekend at WonderCon (more on that in the next day or two – with photos!) Conor and I have returned to Toronto for a brief stopover before heading out this weekend.  While Conor heads to Calgary (he’ll post more on that) I’m heading to Chicago to take part in what has quickly emerged as one of the top comic conventions in the world, C2E2.

Sarah Hunter and I from C2E2 2012

Sarah Hunter and I from C2E2 2012

This will be the third year in a row that we’ve attended the show and it’s one of our best shows. Chicago, being the theatre-centric town that it is, has really embraced our series and at last year’s show Strawdog Theatre mounted a small production of their acclaimed Kill Shakespeare theatre show.

C2E2 Logo

This year I’ll be at Booth 126 (close to Marvel and the other comic publishers) and will be selling/signing books and our ShakesGeare all weekend. So swing by to say hello and find out more about our upcoming projects, including the board game, the new The Mask of Night series, and everything else!


WonderCon here we come!

I believe that I’ve written this before but WonderCon has a very special place in my heart.  Back four years ago it was at this show (in San Francisco) that we officially launched Kill Shakespeare – doing some signings, meeting with media, and sitting on a panel.

Four years, three volumes (with a fourth on its way), too many conventions to count and we’re coming back again – and really looking forward to it!  I’ve had the privilege of representing us at this show the last two years but this year I’m joined by Conor.  With our hectic schedules it’s actually rare to see us at the same show – mainly it’s only New York Comic-Con and FanExpo in Toronto.

Andy, Conor and Anthony at WonderCon 2010. Oh, the memories...

Andy, Conor and Anthony at WonderCon 2010. Oh, the memories…

We will be selling and signing books and ShakesGeare all weekend at Booth D-13.  Come by and visit us and we’ll sing a song, crack a joke, or give you a Canadian-ism.

Conor is also sitting on an IDW panel (details TBA) so look for that as well.

Anaheim, here we come!


Kill Shakespeare en route to Emerald City!

It’s been pretty busy here on my end, with writing deadlines on the new Kill Shakespeare: The Mask of Night comic series arc, work on the board game, other Kill Shakespeare projects (to be announced later this year) and some other new stuff (including a big personal event).  But as the weather starts to get a little warmer (well, it’s supposed to get warmer, but hasn’t done so here in Toronto yet…) a new season is upon us – spring convention season!

Conor and I will be busy again over the next two months with a lot of appearances at conventions across North America and Europe (look out MCM London Expo!).  We did a small warm-up with the Toronto Comic-Con two weeks ago and now things start in earnest this weekend with… Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle!

One of the things I love most is the line-up at ECCC and the music playing as the doors open...

One of the things I love most is the line-up at ECCC and the music playing as the doors open…

I attended Emerald City two years ago and was blown away by not only how big the show is but how much fun it is.  It’s a great group of people that run the event and there’s an amazing roster of talent that will be attending this year.

I will be at the show the entire weekend at our Table O-09 (WSCC Level 4) so come by and say hello, pick up a copy of our books, grab some ShakesGeare merchandise, etc.

I am also on two panels/workshops over the weekend, and they are:

New Comic Trends: Is ‘Literary’ the New ‘Superhero’?
Are fantasy, myth, historical and talking animal stories replacing superheroes as the most interesting comic tales of the day? David Petersen (Mouse Guard), Bryan J.L. Glass (Mice Templar), Anthony Del Col (Kill Shakespeare) and Adam Knave (Amelia Cole) debate this, with Stephanie Cooke moderating.

Saturday, March 29, 5:20pm, Hall C, (Rooms 610)


How to Market Your Indie Comic to the Masses
This entertaining workshop – sold out last year! – will find IDW Publishing’s Kill Shakespeare creator (and marketer) Anthony Del Col show you how to get your comics into the fans of readers, retailers and reviewers.

 Sunday, March 30, 12:00pm, ROOM 2B.

So if you’re at this year’s show swing by and say hello! I look forward to seeing everyone there!